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Support Your Local Farmers

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Our local, sustainable farmers have an incredible impact on our environment, our local economy, and our personal/communal health, and there are many ways to get involved and support. Thank you for wanting to support your local farmers and for helping strengthen your local food system!

Why Support Local

  • Eating local means that your food hasn't traveled far to get to your plate. This means it's packed with more nutrients and flavor than non-local foods, and far fewer people have handled it.

  • Supporting local farmers who use sustainable growing practices means we are allowing for healthier and more nutrient-rich soils that benefit the health of our food and our planet. Sustainable agriculture is VITAL in the fight to combat climate change.

  • Buying into the local food system keeps your money local too - bolstering the local economy and job market.

  • Local agriculture is the backbone of our communities, providing healthy food for all of our neighbors. Our local food community is working hard to make sure food is grown and distributed in an equitable and just manner - giving everyone the opportunity to be involved in our local food system.

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Our Local Food Share program supports many small, local, sustainable farms throughout Colorado. By signing up for the Local Food Share, you will receive a full season of fresh, local seasonal items AND support many of your local farmers all at once.


Many farmers rely on GoFarm as a reliable and convenient sales avenue each season. We pay farmers a fair market price (that the farmer sets for their food), and offer a reliable and convenient sales outlet throughout the year.


Learn more about the Local Food Share >

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GoFarm’s programs strengthen the local food system as a whole, in large part due to our support and mentorship of local and beginning farmers. By supporting GoFarm, you are helping us continue running programs that support our local farmers. You are supporting our farmer incubator program, allowing us to conduct more education for farmers and consumers, and helping us continue creating connections between our local farmers and local consumers.


As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we rely on the support of our community to continue building a local food system that is thriving, environmentally sustainable, and equitable for all. Your donation, large or small, makes a difference for all of the local farmers that we work with!

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Volunteering on a local farm can be one of the most enriching, grounding experiences, where you will get to experience all of the work that goes into growing food. Through volunteering, you’ll be able to build a connection with the people who grow your food, help nourish your community, and play a part in building a sustainable local food system.


Though GoFarm does not currently organize volunteer opportunities for our local farmers, many farmers would benefit from the extra help volunteers can provide. We invite you to look through the list of farmers we work with, and reach out to them directly if you are interested in volunteering! They will most likely ask you about any previous experience working on a farm, and your availability throughout the season.

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