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Connecting the Community to Local Agriculture by Offering a Full Season of Local, Sustainably Grown Food

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With the Local Food Share, shareholders (members) make a commitment to local farmers by signing up for a full season of local and sustainably-grown food. Shareholders pay online or with SNAP benefits, then pick up their food from us each week during the season. We partner with 35+ local producers to provide food for shareholders and offer multiple pickup locations and times.

With the Local Food Share, we are building community, making local food more widely available to residents, and ensuring local farmers get paid a fair market price that reflects the actual value of the food.

We invite you to join us by signing up for a Local Food Share, where each week during the season you will:

  • enjoy home fresh, local, seasonal produce

  • receive recipe inspiration, cooking tips, and more.

  • get to know local farmers and learn about how and where your food is grown.

  • make an incredible impact in your local food system and contribute to a web of positive change in the community.

¿Quieres ayuda en español e información en cómo inscribirte?  Comunícate con nosotros Estamos listos para atenderlos.

How It Works





Sign up online for a full season of local food. Choose the share types, pickup site, and pickup frequency that work best for you.

Pay online. You can pay upfront for the full season, or pay in installments using a credit card or e-check. We offer 50% off if you are paying with SNAP/EBT or qualify for a discount share. If you sign up after the season has started, the cost will be pro-rated. Learn more about SNAP and Discount Shares >

After payment, you are all set! Once the season starts, you'll pick up your food at your pickup site each week! We'll send email reminders, along with recipes, storage tips, and info about your farmers.

If you miss picking up your food, it won’t go to waste. We donate leftover food to our Community Food Access program where we make food more affordable and accessible through food donations and low-cost markets at Head Start preschools, senior living facilities, and more!

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The Benefits of the Local Food Share

In a traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, members make a commitment to a local farmer by paying upfront for a season of produce. In many cases, this upfront payment is vital to the success of the farm, as it provides funds to prepare for the season ahead (i.e. purchase seeds, pay farm staff, repair/purchase machinery, etc.). Then during the growing season, the farmer shares their bounty of food with their members, as well as shares the risk if any unexpected occurrence hurts their crop, most commonly from bad weather.

With a purchase of a GoFarm Local Food Share, you make this same commitment, but to the many local, small-scale farmers that GoFarm works with. We help aggregate the food from these farmers and pay a fair market price that reflects the actual value of the food.

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As a GoFarm shareholder, you are not only paying for a season of good food. You are:

  • Making a difference in the livelihoods of your local farmers

  • Voting with your dollar and creating demand for local food and sustainable growing practices

  • Helping GoFarm improve the local food system as a whole. You are helping provide the necessary infrastructure, demand, and funds we need to run our other programs that train and mentor beginning farmers, as well as make food more accessible and affordable in our community.

Our farmers rely on your commitment as a shareholder, as do we. This is why all orders are non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances. We appreciate your support and eagerness to be part of the local food movement with us!

Learn More

Learn More About The Local Food Share

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Pickup Sites and Season Details

Get all the details about our upcoming seasons, including dates, locations, and types of food shares you can purchase.

Learn more >

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Local Food Share Farmers

Meet the incredible farmers that contribute to your weekly food shares.

Learn more >

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SNAP and Discount Shares

As part of our mission to bring healthy, local, affordable food to everyone in our community, we offer half price shares for eligible householders. We accept SNAP payment and offer 50% off discount shares.

Learn more >

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Food Storage and Use

Learn how to best store and prep your food once you take it home!

Learn more >

Testimonials from Shareholders


GoFarm is the golden ticket to healthy, sustainable food options on the front range. My family has enjoyed how fresh everything is (it all lasts so much longer than store bought!), how there's no packaging, how easy and pleasant it is to pick-up, and how delicious and healthy everything is. We are eating foods we would not regularly buy and a lot that is not even sold in stores, and it's expanded our joy for cooking and connecting to our food. What feels especially good is at the center of GoFarm's priorities is supporting local farmers who practice sustainable farming. Sourcing my food locally and supporting sustainable agriculture is one of the easiest and most effective ways I can reduce my impact on the climate and further nurture healthy ecosystems. I am so grateful what GoFarm has brought to the mountain community of Evergreen.

~ Lindsay A.

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Being a GoFarm shareholder has completely revamped how we see and prepare food at our house. We consume more produce (YAY!) than ever before, and we are much more conscientious about what we are putting into our bodies and how it makes us feel! It has been our own personal science experiment towards being healthier humans! It has been tremendously rewarding to me to know I am supporting local farmers and agriculture, especially when I spend so much time talking to young students (and my own kiddos) about how they can positively impact the world around them through making sustainable choices.

~ Lisa H.


I love that GoFarm has a great variety of veggies from all these wonderful farms around Colorado. It helps keep me eating locally, as well as gives me different veggies to experiment with.

~ Emily P.

It's great to get the suggestions for different ways to prepare all the vegetables from the newsletters, emails, and handouts at the pick up site.

~ Dodie O.


GoFarm saves me time at the grocery store and the best part is supporting local farmers who are doing it right - organically without pesticides, GMO, etc. LOVE that sooo much. Just what I was looking for.

~ Amy F. 


The food we are getting from the Market is a real life-saver, and so delicious! It's been a tremendous help to us in meeting our goals of providing our children with the best possible access to healthy produce. And we've gotten to try a few new things, which is exciting.

~ Heather M.

GoFarm’s focus on sustainability is important to us. We return every year because it's convenient, they offer a variety of share options, and the peace of mind knowing the high quality produce is grown sustainably and pesticide-free.

~ Jay P.

I'm looking forward to trying the stuffed kohlrabi recipe you shared because through this program, I ate kohlrabi for the first time and really liked it. I used it raw in a salad and then roasted for dinner. Yum!

~ Sherry W.

I just wanted to say I LOVE the Local Food Share program! It’s fun discovering new vegetables in the bag each week then trying your recipes. As the primary chef of a vegetarian family, I was in a rut of picking up the same vegetables for our weekly meals so this has been a fun challenge for me.

~ Shannon R.

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