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Sell to GoFarm


We buy local, sustainably grown food from local farmers to supply for our Local Food Share (multi-farm CSA) and Community Food Access programs (programs to make food more affordable and accessible). We offer a convenient and reliable sales avenue, promote the farmers we work with, and source to over 1,00 shareholders and customers per year.

Why Sell to GoFarm

GoFarm’s nonprofit model is all about supporting local farmers and helping connect people to where their food comes from. We are here to support YOU in getting your food out into the community, and inviting as many people as possible to participate in their local food system.


As a producer, you choose what you make available to GoFarm each week and at what price. There is no expectation for how often and how much you choose to sell to us.

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Many of the farmers we work with have their own CSAs in addition to selling to GoFarm. Some attend farmers markets, have other wholesale customers, or simply sell to GoFarm on weeks when there is a large harvest. Many farmers also utilize GoFarm as their main sales outlet, setting aside a portion of their fields for GoFarm shareholders or for our Community Food Access markets. Whatever your needs are, we’re happy to work with you!


We also offer promotional opportunities for the farmers we work with. Your farm will be listed on our website and highlighted on our social media pages, as well as listed in our weekly emails along with the food you grow. We love and appreciate our community of local farmers, and no matter how big or small your farm is, we invite you to reach out!

How It Works

If GoFarm feels like the right fit for you, we can move forward with the producer onboarding process! We require all of our producers to meet a few basic requirements before we can begin purchasing from them. These include:

  1. Meeting and agreeing to GoFarm’s general requirements and sustainability growing standards.

  2. Allowing GoFarm to visit your farm/site and get to know you more.

  3. Submitting a written food safety plan to be approved.


Once these initial steps are complete, we’ll talk in more detail about the weekly process for sending GoFarm your availability lists each Monday, delivering food to our distribution hubs each Wednesday, and connecting with our wonderful community of local farmers and consumers. Though we try to source from as many farmers as possible, we also can not promise that we will be able to purchase from every farmer every week. 

Our distribution seasons typically run from May - Early December each year.

If you are interested in selling to GoFarm, or just want to learn more, please reach out to us! We are looking forward to meeting and talking with you more.


We support local producers who use sustainable growing and production practices. If you are a fruit or vegetable farmer, or produce an artisan good such as bread, please reach out! We are always looking to meet new producers in the region and expand our local food offerings.

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