Leeks and Carrots

Our Commitment to Equity

We acknowledge ...

that there are many injustices in the current food system. The land on which we currently work and live was once stolen from the Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Ute, Pueblo, Shoshone, Comanche, and Osage tribes, among others, native to most of CO. Generations of economic discrimination have resulted in people of color only owning 2% of the land in the US. Many diet related illnesses impact communities of color at disproportionate rates as food apartheid neighborhoods lack access to healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant food. Farm and food workers, one of the country’s most economically disadvantaged groups, routinely experience unsafe living and working conditions, and are excluded from labor protections. According to the National Agricultural Workers Survey, over 80% of farm workers are Hispanic and nearly half do not have work authorization, making them more vulnerable to exploitation.

In order to make progress in correcting these injustices, it is critical to acknowledge that they are rooted in race and class disparities. GoFarm is committing time and resources towards becoming a more equitable organization and furthering efforts to build a just and equitable food system.

To move us toward our goal:

  • We acknowledge that our organizational staff and leadership is not yet representative of the diversity of our community. We are committed to making progress in this area, first through analyzing and making changes to our organizational culture and policies.

  • We recognize that expertise comes from within the community. We will listen to and learn from communities of color and low income communities and use our resources to amplify their voices. 

  • We challenge ourselves to see the ways that power differentials manifest in our community work, and aim to shift those dynamics by building power with our community members. 

  • Together with our board and staff, we will host annual equity trainings, focused on racial equity within the food system, to align on what it means to act in a just and equitable way.

  • We will offer ongoing resources and exercises that encourage our board, as well as full-time, part-time, and seasonal staff to reflect on equity within the food system and consider how it relates to our organization and our community. We will offer compensation for staff time spent working through these issues.

  • We will continuously evaluate our programs through an equity lens.

  • We will explore establishing an equity committee to help lead, educate, and challenge our board and staff as we work toward becoming a more equitable organization.

  • We commit to sharing stories with our community that break down stereotypes that impede equity. 

  • We will share resources and information on how others can get involved in equity work to make our food system more just.

  • We commit to using our voice as individuals and as an organization when we see racial injustice. We will have the courage to not call people out, but to call people into a conversation.

  • We know that advocacy and policy are important components to creating change within a system. We commit to staying aware and up-to-date on policies affecting our food system, and support advocacy efforts that make our system more equitable and just. This includes taking an organizational stance and engaging our community when appropriate.

Though we have a long way to go, we are proud to have begun the work to become a more equitable organization. Our actions have included:

  • Our team members have participated in educational opportunities as individuals and as a group, including the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Food Solutions New England Racial Equity Challenge, and engaging in the larger group discussions of the 2020 Front Range Racial Equity Food Challenge.

  • GoFarm’s Community Food Access program is built on community engagement and authentic relationships that lead to reducing inequity within our food system. We constantly gather input and feedback from our partners and participants, which informs us when we need to make changes to our programming that increase equity. This program directs resources to those who have been most impacted by injustice in the food system.

  • We worked as a full staff to collaboratively craft this equity statement.

We acknowledge that this is lifelong work and we are just at the beginning. As such, we are committed to ongoing learning, reflection, and action. This statement is a living document that we will regularly update to evolve with our organization and the greater movement for equity and justice in the food system. As an organization and as individuals, we are likely to make many mistakes along the way. We will take ownership of those mistakes and seek to remedy any harm we have caused.

We invite you to join us in this conversation and take action with us. We welcome your ideas, feedback and suggestions on how GoFarm can reduce inequity in our food system, approach our work with an equity lense, and become a more equitable organization overall. Use the form below to reach out to us! You can also email info@gofarmcoop.org to offer feedback or schedule a time to talk over the phone.

Thanks for getting involved in the conversation! We'll get back you soon to respond to your feedback/comment.