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Local Food Share Farmers

Local farmers are the foundation of a sustainable, healthy, prosperous food system where fresh food is always on your table. We visit every farmer we work with and have the utmost confidence and trust in the quality of food they grow. These farmers are hard-working, passionate stewards of the land and we LOVE supporting them. All of our farmers are in Colorado and we are proud Colorado Proud members!

Why We Partner With Our Farmers

ALL of the farmers we partner with:

  • use organic, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices

  • do not use harmful pesticides or GMOs

  • ensure our food and soil is healthy and vibrant today and for years to come

  • value their local community and care deeply about their neighbors and customers

Local Food Share Farmers

Kilt Farm

Niwot, Colorado

Kilt Farm, owned and operated by Michael Moss (who is constantly scene sporting a kilt), is a 30 acre farm in Boulder County. Kilt Farm focuses on the healthy soil and is dedicated to feeding his community nutrients dense food that will keep them healthy and happy. With over 100 varieties of vegetables, Kilt is one of our most vital partners.

Hoffman Farms

Greely, Colorado

Hoffman Farms is owned by Derrick and Hamnei Hoffman in Greely, Colorado, but the farm has a rich history dating back to 1947. Derrick grew up farming along side his family, while Hanmei grew up learning the traditional farming techniques used in China. Together, they focus on growing hops, vegetables and fruits, and stay busy with their bee-keeping.

Grow Girl Organics

Arvada, CO

Denise Ery and Elaine Silburn decided to partner up and start Grow Girl Organics farm in 2017. They are located in Arvada, CO and value healthy soil and organic growing practices above all else. They support their own CSA share that they personally deliver to people’s homes, as well as support GoFarm by sourcing to our Local Food Share!

Micro Farms

Lakewood, CO

Sean Conway the owner of Micro Farms in Lakewood, CO is on a mission to turn residential yards into sustainable food producing systems! He started Micro Farms in 2014 with 5 small farm plots, and has grown each year since, with more and more homeowners interested in converting their lawns. They use chemical free, bio-intensive, permaculture practices, and are dedicated to strengthening our local food community through food access, outreach, and education.

Tasty Acres

Lakewood, CO

Tasty Acres Colorado is an urban farm specializing in lettuces, leafy greens and baby root vegetables. The farm is almost an acre large, and is owned and operated by Husband and wife team, Sean McCracken and Christin Mihon. Their “Flavor First” philosophy is rooted in no-till and organic farming techniques that produce better-tasting, healthier and higher quality food. They focus on wholesale distribution, so you won't find them at farmers markets or events around town.

Netzel Farm*

Lakewood, CO

Jessica Netzel, founder of Netzel Farms, is an apprentice within the GoFarm Incubator program. Previous to joining our incubator program, she became a Certified Nurse Midwife, was a USAF Veteran, and a dedicated beginning farmer. Through the Veterans to Farmers program, in Denver, CO, is she fell in love with farming. Her mission as a farmer is to bring joy to people by supporting overall health and quality of life through selling fresh, organic, nutritious, delicious produce.

* Jess is an apprentice in the GoFarm Incubator Program!

Mile High Fungi

Conifer, CO

Mile High Fungi is our go-to farm for local, sustainably-grown mushrooms. Michael and Liz Nail started the farm in Denver in 2014, but have recently moved to Conifer, CO to build a homestead (from the ground up!), experiment with new and exciting varieties, and grow their business even more!

Sandy's Way Microfarm

Sedalia, CO

Cale Sprister and his family are dedicated to growing high quality, local food. Sandy’s Way Microfarm is only ⅓ of an acre large, but they produce enough food to have their own CSA, AND source to GoFarm. Sandy’s Way Farm grew out of the passion for growing their own food for their family, and doing it right.

Acres Farm

Lakewood, CO

The land that is now Acres Farm was once a horticulture programs facility, until restaurant owner, Josh Olsen formed big dreams to turn the land into a farm to source food for his local Denver restaurant and develop a farm education curriculum for high school juniors and seniors. Today, the space is home to classroom facilities, greenhouses, and farmland. This land is where industry and education collide so that students can explore the intersections of farming, food supply chains, professional kitchens, and food access. The farm boasts a hydroponic freight farm built from a recycled shipping container and a climate controlled greenhouse.

BrandyWine Farm

Fort Lupton, CO

Brandywine Farms is a family owned farm business, owned and farmed by Len and Sherri Toews. They come from a long line of farmers, but just recently purchased land in Colorado to start this new farm venture. They specialize in greenhouse production, with their newest greenhouse being up and running for the 2020 growing season, but also have 35 acres of land with animals, fruit trees, and vegetable fields galore. They grow using organic practices and love getting their whole family involved!

Groundwork Denver

Denver, CO

Groundwork Denver is a local nonprofit with a mission to bring about the sustained improvement of the physical environment and promote health and well-being through community-based partnerships and action. They own and operate a 1,800 sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse farm located in Denver. The Groundwork Greens Greenhouse grows fresh produce for local farmer’s markets, chefs, restaurants, and community members and has the potential to produce up to 10,000 pounds of food per year.

MetaCarbon Organic Farm

Longmont, CO

MetaCarbon Organic Farm started as a vision among friends revolving around the concept of communal, regenerative farming that brings together like-minded individuals on the Front Range. The farm had been a long time in development, but in 2019 these friends were finally able to obtain a beautiful, 65 acre property outside of Boulder and plant their first round of crops. They are committed to generating biodiversity and working with the natural ecology, as well as State and Federal Agencies, to protect the resources under their care. They use low till and regenerative farming practices in order to produce maximum yields of high quality produce while regenerating the natural Colorado ecology. Afterall, if the soils is thriving then so will our future!

Patchwork Farms

Lakewood, CO

Greg Peterson grew up in the suburbs outside of Denver, but comes from a family of farmers who farmed in Jefferson County until they lost their land for the construction of Bear Creek Reservoir. Now, Greg works in water issues in Colorado for farmers and ranchers, and started Patchwork farm in 2018 in efforts to rebuild his family farm legacy, one square foot at a time. He grows niche crops as well as value-added products such as dry herb mixes for soups and stews.

Speedwell Farm and Gardens

Boulder, CO

Owned and farmed by Cody Jurbala and Melissa Ogilvie, Speedwell Farm & Gardens is a one quarter acre farm in Boulder, Colorado that uses regenerative and bio-intensive growing methods. They believe that working in harmony with Mother Earth is a vital step towards a happier and healthier future. Local compost, worm castings, and biochar keep the plots teeming with life while reducing their carbon footprint!

Western Flora*

Golden, CO

Shannon, owner and farmer of Western Flora, started growing as a young child with her grandmother and mother. As an apprentice, Shannon's farm is located in Downtown Golden, within a geodesic greenhouse dome donated by Growing Spaces. Within the 15 ft greenhouse growing dome Shannon utilizes a hydroponic system as well as other sustainable growing techniques.

* Shannon is an apprentice in the GoFarm Incubator Program

Wolf Creek Fresh Farm*

Strasburg, CO

Wolf Creek Fresh is a family farm located on the eastern plains of Colorado. Charlotte and her family embarked on this adventure in the summer of 2019 selling produce to family and friends in the DTC area, as well as for GoFarm. This year, Wolf Creek Fresh is growing a vegetable CSA serving 25 members. They are also trying out melons, pumpkins, culinary and medicinal herbs, cut flowers, edible flowers, and eggs and goats! Their goal is to grow great quality, wholesome food to feed their family, and to share that bounty with yours! They are committed to being good stewards of the land and to help the land reach it’s full potential through holistic farming practices.

* Charlotte is an apprentice in the GoFarm Incubator Program!

Ela Family Farms

Hotchkiss, CO

Ela Family Farms, located in Hotchkiss, CO, provides GoFarm with a plethora of delicious fruit throughout the season. Ela Family Farms is a 4th generation farm with a legacy and commitment to environmental stewardship in Colorado since 1907! They have been certified organic since 1994.

Topp Fruit

Hotchkiss, CO

Topp Fruits LLC is family owned and operated. They began their current operations in Hotchkiss, CO in 2018 where they grow apples, peaches and raise a small flock of sheep, which rotationally graze through the orchard after harvest. Their fruit orchards are certified organic and holistically managed to produce a variety of products that compliment the ecology of the land.

Lakewood Growers Collective

Lakewood, CO

The Lakewood Growers Collective is a collaboration of female farmers working together to create a sustainable food system in the Greater Denver Area. The Collective was formed to reduce barriers and increase confidence by providing small-scale female farmers the opportunity to grow, aggregate, and distribute locally grown produce within minutes of their operations.

Altius Farm

Denver, CO

Altius Farms, located in Denver, Colorado is the highest vertical aeroponic farm and one of the largest in the nation. Their vertical farms produce beautiful greens for the local community, and utilize modern, energy and resource efficient technologies in everything they do. Their mission is to build stable and lasting farms that produce beautiful greens, locally grown, year round.

Sunnyside Farms*

Denver, Colorado

Steven Wilde began farming Heirloom tomatoes in September 2019. He joined forces with Jon Rodrigues on an existing 5000 square foot plot in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver. Sunnyside Farms was born and they have been selling their produce to local restaurants, CSA’s and farm markets.  Steven had recently expanded his market to more restaurants, farmers markets and grocers.

* Steven is an apprentice in the GoFarm Incubator Program!

Jason's Nursery

Denver, Colorado

The adventure of Jason's Nursery began with the purchase of his house 2008. The yard was in bad shape and needed a lot of attention, so Jason and his wife decided to nourish the soil with compost and plants. They created their first ever garden the following summer and gave it the nickname, "The Yarden". Since then, his passion for growing has only increased. In January of 2020, they built a fully functional greenhouse in their backyard, where they dream to provide growing space, plants and produce to the community and become part of something bigger.

Dahlia Campus Farm

Denver, Co

The Dahlia Campus Farm and Garden is an extension of the Mental Health Center of Denver's Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being. The Mental Health Center is located in the Northeast Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, which has been identified as a food desert and an area where affordable and high-quality fresh food is not easily accessible. The Mental Health Center aims to solve this problem by operating a small scale farm and garden. The campus is home to a 40,000 square foot urban farm, a therapeutic garden, an aquaponics greenhouse and community gardening space that promotes community well-being.

The Growhaus

Denver, Co

The Growhaus is a non-profit urban farm located in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. Their mission, similar to GoFarm's, is to create a neighborhood-based food system that is healthy, equitable and resident-driven. They operate a hydroponic, aquaponic, and mushroom farm year round to grow and sell their own produce. They serve as a center for food distribution and education for healthy, local produce.

Mama and the Fig

Evergreen, CO

Mama and the Fig is a micro-bakery in Evergreen, Colorado specializing in hearty, rustic sourdoughs, breads and granolas. The heart of the business is sourdough breads, which are slow-fermented, made with their own wild yeast sourdough starter, and mixed and shaped by hand. Jax Marshall is the founder, owner, operator, and chef-baker behind Mama and the Fig. She was born and raised in Long Island, NY, is a registered dietitian, and classically trained chef. Jax strives to give a nod to tradition while innovating and putting her own spin on her creations in the kitchen. She says her greatest joy in life is preparing food for others.

Rebel Bread

Denver, CO

Zach Martinucci and Rene Hosman are two high school friends who joined forces to create Rebel Bread in Denver, CO. Zach studied Culinary Anthropology at UCLA, and Professional Bread and Viennoiserie at the San Francisco Baking Institute, and Rene has her own dessert baking company and a background in hospitality. Rebel bread emphasizes community and education - they host private baking classes, community workshops, and teaching others how to become bakers of their own.

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Featuring Sean Conway from Micro Farms

GoFarm works to transform our local food system into one that is thriving, environmental sustainable, and equitable for all. Through our three program areas, we support and mentor local farmers, make healthy food more affordable and accessible to under-resourced communities, and connect people with where their food comes from.

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