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Our Impact

We envision a healthy local food system that is thriving, environmentally sustainable, and equitable for all. This means:

  • Farmers (and farm-workers) have the resources and knowledge they need to succeed, thrive, and farm safely.

  • Farmland is accessible to all who seek it out.

  • Consumers take pride in their local agriculture, know their farmers, appreciate the value of their local food system, and have the confidence to prepare and cook anything they bring home.

  • All consumers, regardless of race, income, area of residence, etc. have reliable access to healthy, local food.

  • Food waste is reduced to zero, and soil is kept healthy, biodiverse, and nutrient-rich today and for generations to come.

At GoFarm, we use a system approach to strengthen and transform our local food system (how local food gets from the farm to your plate, and everything in between). We focus on:

  • How we grow food: Increasing supply of sustainably-grown food by supporting local farmers and training and mentoring beginning farmers.

  • How we distribute food: Meeting demand by offering a full season of local food to community members and increasing awareness on the importance of local food.

  • Who can access and afford food: Expanding food security by ensuring that healthy food is affordable and accessible to those facing food insecurity.

The Impact of Our System Approach

Support Local Farmers

  • helping beginning and aspiring farmers master farming techniques, break down barriers of entry into sustainable agriculture, and start their own farm business

  • offering a convenient wholesale market where we let the farmers tell us their price, instead of the other way around

  • managing the sales and logistics of food distribution so farmers can focus on what they do best

Protect Environment

  • promoting organic, regenerative, and sustainable growing practices that are healthy for our soil and food

  • reducing transportation miles by sourcing only within the state of Colorado

  • incorporating sustainable technology, such as a solar powered greenhouse dome

  • eliminating food waste through composting, efficient ordering, donating excess food, and offering food swaps so participants only take the items they want

Build Community around Local Food

  • offering recipes, cooking demos, and information about the farmers to inspire community members and bring them closer to their food source 

  • hosting community events such as farm tours, cooking classes, canning workshops, etc.

  • distribution locations are community gathering places where like-minded community members meet, learn, chat, and pick up their food

Reduce Hunger and Increase Food Security

  • accepting SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks so people can double their SNAP money on Colorado-grown produce

  • hosting weekly, low-cost food markets at Head Start Preschools, senior living facilities, and other locations around town

  • offering donations and wholesale pricing on fresh food to food banks, food pantries, and organizations serving under-served communities

  • providing food education for families with limited exposure to cooking with fresh, seasonal produce

  • active members of Hunger Free Golden, JeffCo Food Policy Council, and many other neighborhood groups working toward food security for all

GoFarm works to transform our local food system into one that is thriving, environmental sustainable, and equitable for all. Through our three program areas, we support and mentor local farmers, make healthy food more affordable and accessible to under-resourced communities, and connect people with where their food comes from.

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