Seeding on the Farm

Farmer Development and Support

Land Access Project

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One of the primary barriers beginning farmers face is finding land to farm. As our population rises, urban development continues, and land becomes more expensive, this barrier only gets bigger. Thus, we are getting creative in finding solutions that help beginning urban farmers access land and grow food for their communities.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Jefferson Conservation District on the Jeffco Farmland Project, where we are connecting landowners with local, urban farmers to help build a more robust local food system.


This project aims to identify land that has the potential to be used for urban farming. We will create a database of all the farmable land in Jefferson County that we can find, and then help match farmers and landowners together and help them build a mutually beneficial partnership.

For Land Owners: Hosting an Urban Farmer

There are so many benefits to hosting an urban farmer on your property, including land maintenance, reduced landscaping costs, improved soil health and vitality, proximity to your food and farmer, lease fees, and more! If you are interested in hosting an urban farmer and adding benefit to your local food system, please read our information packet and full out the land owner interest form!

For Urban Farmers: Finding Land to Farm

If you are an urban farmer looking for a place to farm, please contact us and let us know! We’ll first want to learn about your farm goals and farm management plans, and then will work with you to match you with a landowner looking to host an urban farmer.

Request for Applications (RFA) for a Farmer Training Center

We are excited to release this RFA for farmland (3-10 acres) to establish a farmer training center for our incubator program, that includes food production, an educational hub, and a retail farm stand. We welcome proposals from landowners and land managers of private and public land located in Jefferson County, CO. 

Note: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until a plot of land has been secured. We are working quickly to locate the right land for our training center, and thus preference will be given to those who apply first.

How It Works




Review RFA online, or download as a PDF.

Read our letters of reference from other organizations and farms in support of this project.

Apply online via a Google Form. Find the application requirements in the RFA.