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Land Access

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One of the primary barriers beginning farmers face is finding land to farm. As our population rises, urban development continues, and land becomes more expensive, this barrier only gets bigger. To break down this major barrier, we coordinate with private landowners help beginning urban farmers gain access to land so they can grow food for their communities.

We work with private landowners, both commercial and residential, who would like to lease part of their property to a beginning farmer. Once we hear that a plot of land is open to be farmed, we will do a site visit to conduct soil tests and ensure the land is suitable for agriculture.

We will then match the land with one of our beginning farmer incubators. We allow the farmer and land owner to work out the details of the lease privately, but remain available for support if needed and/or requested!

There are so many benefits to hosting an urban farmer on your property!

  • Land maintenance

  • Reduced landscaping costs

  • Improved soil health and vitality

  • Proximity to your food and farmer

  • Increase climate resiliency through sustainable farming practices

  • Income from lease fees

If you are interested in hosting an urban farmer, or know of land that is avilable to be farmed, please reach out to!

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