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Food Pantry Sales and Donations

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We partner with food pantries and food assistance programs to provide fresh, local food at more affordable prices. We also donate excess food to our community partners to help bolster the shelves of their pantries and markets.

Due to price and systematic barriers, it’s often very difficult for food pantries to stock their shelves with fresh produce, thus making it difficult for pantry shoppers to access fresh produce.

Offering affordable prices for food pantries so they can more easily access fresh, local produce on a weekly basis allows them to keep their shelves stocked with fresh food. In addition, connecting pantries with local produce offers additional support for local farmers, and furthers efforts to make the local food system more inclusive.

We are proud to partner with local pantries that are working to increase access of fresh food to more people in the community. Thank you to Calvary Church, BGoldN, Fighting Hunger at Mines, Christian Action Guild, ECHO food bank, and more!

If you would like us to provide fresh, local food for your food pantry, please reach out to us! We would love to find ways to work with you and make healthy, local food more accessible for your community.


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