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Early Childhood Education Centers

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We partner with early childhood education centers (ECE's) to provide fresh, local food to their school snack and meal programs. We also provide curriculum around gardening and nutrition to help kiddos get excited about eating their greens!

We believe that it is so important to expose our kids, at a young age, to the joys and flavors of fresh, local produce. Fresh, local, sustainably-grown food provides vital nutrients that benefit our growing bodies and minds, and can encourage positive eating behaviors that can impact them as they grow. Especially since kids spend so much time at school, we want to make sure that our schools and early childhood education centers are set up for success, with the ability to provide their students with affordable, easily-accessible, and delicious food each day.


In addition to food, we also provide our partner schools with fun and engaging curriculum related to local food and gardening/farming. Schools can choose to incorporate these classroom and garden activities as much as they would like!

We currently work with the Triad Health in Early Childhood Collaborative to make fresh, local food available to early childhood centers in mountain communities, where it is very difficult to access local food.

If you would like us to provide fresh, local food for your Early Childhood Education Center, please reach out to us! We would love to find ways to work with you and make healthy, local food more accessible for your school and for the families you work with.


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