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Flower of the Week: Strawflower

Strawflower, also known as Everlasting Flower, is native to Australia. The papery/dry texture makes these one of the most popular dried cut flowers. We love to save them for wreaths, dried bouquets and general crafting. To dry them, just band them as low as possible on the stem and hang them upside down in a dark, dry location. They should be dry in 1-2 weeks. When fresh, they have a surprisingly strong aroma, which makes sense as they are part of the Aster family, along with sunflowers. Pretty much all insects love this plant, but I watch the swarms of wasps just live and dance on these. Harvesting can be a bit intimidating, but the insects are docile and happy, when feeding on the flowers, so let’s let them enjoy too!

Photo and description from Wild Wick's Farm


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