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GoFarm's Composting Program

That's right, we have a free composting program! We teamed up with the City of Golden Sustainability Office to offer free compost pick up service for GoFarm shareholders and customers.

What is Composting?
  • The process of recycling organic material, such as food scraps, into a rich, natural fertilizer. In this case, 'organic' means natural: something that was once alive.

  • A balance of greens and browns make for a healthy soil ecosystem where beneficial microbes and plants can thrive.

  • Greens: things like veggie and fruit scraps (leaves, roots, stalks, seeds) that supply the soil with a healthy dose of nitrogen.

  • Browns: dry, woody materials like paper or dry leaves that contribute a source of carbon.

Why Should We Compost?
  • Food scraps and garden waste make up 28% of our trash.

  • Composting diverts waste from the landfill where it is entombed forever in an anaerobic environment- meaning devoid of oxygen. This setting creates methane gas, which is a harmful greenhouse gas emitted into our atmosphere.

  • With composting, we avoid these harmful methane emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Compost adds beneficial nutrients to the soil.

  • This rich soil amendment suppresses plant disease and pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides on your local farms and gardens.

How Do I Compost?
  • At home, store your food scraps in an airtight container or in a bag in the freezer.

  • Bring scraps in a compostable bag and drop it off with us when you pick up your share each week.

  • Your waste will be turned into rich, healthy soil for your local farmers!

Which Items Can I Bring?

We are following the new guidelines provided by A1 Organics on acceptable items. Please visit their website if you would like more detailed information!

We hope you can take advantage of this compost program and find it easy to drop it off with us each week! You will be doing a great service to our environment if you can reduce the amount of food that enters the landfill. Reach out to us if you have any questions!

Phone: 720.378.8709

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