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Lyle's Famous Coleslaw!

Lyle is one of our most supportive shareholders this year. He comes to every distribution with a smile on his face, and new a story to tell us about the food he's making with his share. He's even done a few food demos at distribution as well. A few weeks he created some fabulous coleslaw recipes that we want to share with you!

As Lyle jokes, "When farming veggies you have to consider Coles Law."

"What is Coles Law?", "It is what we have been eating and sharing, it is made from the cabbage!"

Coleslaw can be made fast and super simple.  The basic method is only 4 ingredients, cabbage, mayonnaise, salt & pepper.  Most of the time a simple dish can taste amazing with fresh, organic, high quality ingredients. You want to have the attention on the main ingredient and if it tastes great by itself then obviously you are off to a good start! I started with a basic slaw and then created two vegan variations of the dish.

Traditional Coleslaw

1 head of green cabbage, chopped  (chop to smaller pieces for ease of serving into food demo cups)

1 grated carrot

1/2 green apple, coarsely grated