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Introducing Your Flower Farmers

When you purchase a flower share through GoFarm, you are supporting local Colorado flower farmers! Your support contributes to a healthy local ecosystem and keeps dollars in the local economy! Plus, you can get to know the farmers and enjoy the freshest product! Meet your flower farmers:

Shannon, Western Flora Co.

Western Flora Co. began as a daydream when Shannon was growing vegetables for a non-profit farm in Denver in 2015. She dove into the world of flowers, growing them from seed, arranging and delivering them to friends and neighbors. Once she saw the joy they brought people, she realized that all she wanted to do was grow more flowers to share.

Shannon was born in Colorado and grew up wandering in its magical landscapes. Her designs reflect the wild aesthetic of Colorado’s mountains, high deserts, and prairies. She has studied landscape architecture and has a background in designing with plants. She now owns and grows Western Flora Co., a quarter-acre urban flower farm tucked away in an older neighborhood in Centennial, Colorado.

Jamie is in her 11th season farming in the Denver-Metro area. She spent 6 years at Denver Botanic Gardens - Chatfield Farm where she farmed for their 250-member CSA and created a program for training military veterans farming, Veterans-to-Farmers. In those 11 years she has also been building her own operation, Wild Wick's Farm, with her husband Doug.

They grow on four backyard residential plots, 1/8 acre each, which makes for a total operation of 1/2 acre. The small size, but large biodiversity (over 80 crops on 1/2 acre) is possible by integrating both vegetables and cut-flowers. Between farming and raising their two children, Jamie and her husband stay busy; but they love any chance to enjoy the outdoors: skiing, hiking, biking, and camping.

When you sign up for a GoFarm flower share, you’ll get five or ten weeks of beautiful bouquets grown by Western Flora Co. and Wild Wick’s Farm! It’s a great way to bring local-grown beauty into your home while supporting your local farmers!


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