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Food Safety 101

It's easy to forget about the importance of food safety when you bring home a bag brimming with fresh, local, beautiful veggies. But food safety should always be a priority for you and your family. We do our best to ensure the utmost safety and cleanliness of our food, but there are always risks involved with transporting food from one location to another. With GoFarm, we keep delivery logistics simple, with food touching as few hands as possible before getting to your plate. But even still, our food travels from the fields > to the delivery van > to our shipping container > to your re-usable bags > to your kitchen. We check the food upon delivery, keep it cool, and wash our hands thoroughly before touching any food. But there's more you can do at home to make sure your food stays clean! Here is some information about how to stay safe at home with ALL of your produce items, no matter where they come from.



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