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Flower of the Week: Statice

Statice, Limonium sinuatum, is also known by its Latin name limonium, meaning meadow. Other common names are sea-lavender, caspia or marsh-rosemary. Despite these common names, it is not related to lavender or rosemary. It has soft, feather-like plumes of small flowers, often purple or white, but comes in a variety of different colors like rose, white, pink, yellow, and peach.

Statice is native to the Mediterranean area and is very drought tolerant making it an ideal cut flower for Colorado. Its history growing in the Mediterranean also makes it resistant to saline (salty) soils, so it may grow well close to coastlines.

We love statice because it creates a beautiful, bright filler of small flowers in our bouquets. Perhaps one of our favorite things about this flower is that it dries beautifully. When the rest of the flowers in your bouquet have come and gone, remove statice from the water, trim the stems, and leave to dry. They will last for months!


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