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Flower of the Week: Bells of Ireland

Are you curious about some of the flowers that grow locally in Colorado? If you're signed up for a flower share, you may be wondering about some of the beautiful blooms in your bouquets. Each week during the flower share, we'll feature one of the flower varieties grown by our flower farmers!

This week: Bells of Ireland!

Bells-of-Ireland or shell flower is an annual native to Turkey, Syria and Caucasus Mountain Region. Bells do not love the heat of summer, so we try to have two successions in the shoulder seasons: spring and fall. The green bell is actually the sepal for the white flower found inside. As part of the Lamiaceae (mint) family, it is related to other fragrant beauties like lavender and thyme. Bells of Ireland is commonly used for weddings or Saint Patrick’s Day, the flower’s meaning in history is “good luck”. We love the texture and smell it brings to a bouquet, this hearty flower should last up to two weeks.

Info and photo from Wild Wick's Farm


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