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Why are CSAs so Valuable?

*Written By: Maggie Vander Pol*

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an amazing model for so many reasons. With CSAs, members make a commitment to their local farmer by paying upfront for a season of produce. This upfront payment is vital to the success of many farmers as it allows them to prepare for the season ahead (purchase seeds, pay farm staff, prepare the fields, repair/purchase machinery, etc.). Then during the season, farmers share their bounty of food with their CSA members, as well as share the risk if any unexpected occurrence hurts their crop (most commonly from bad weather).

The GoFarm team taking a tour of Kilt Farm near Boulder

You can probably understand how this CSA model benefits you and your community, but we want to explain the nitty gritty about just how valuable CSAs are:

CSAs build a strong local economy

  • By purchasing a CSA share, you are paying money to farmers and their workers (or to organizations like GoFarm) who live, work, and spend money in the same region you do. You are building up members of your community, keeping dollars local, and keeping goods/services cycling through the local system.

CSAs protect our environment

  • When food is grown locally it doesn’t have to travel as far to reach our plates. And when it doesn’t have to travel as far, it uses less