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Shareholder How-To: Placing a Hold on your Account

Going out of town and need to skip a week of pickup? No problem, you can easily place a hold and get your shares at your next pickup! Holds must be placed at least a week in advance.

2) Click on Account Navigation Button (white person icon on the top right green panel)

3) A drop down menu appears, click Subscriptions.

4) On the 'Subscription' page, scroll down to "Distribution Schedule". Your Distribution dates should be highlighted GREEN, click on the week you need to place a hold, all your shares should be selected. Under "Reschedule for" select the date you would like to reschedule and click Put Subscriptions on Hold.

*If you're biweekly, the system only let's you select make-up weeks on a biweekly schedule, if you would like to make-up a share on your off week please email us at and we're happy to make that change internally.

5) You will receive a confirmation email confirming this change to your account. Your shares will be ready for you on the chosen date.


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