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Shareholder How-To: Adding an Item to Your Subscription

Have you already ordered your Local Food Share, but have decided to go back into your account and add an item to your order? Follow these step by step instructions to add an item to your existing order.

1) Log in to your account here:

2) Ensure that you are in the correct season. This picture below denotes that we are making edits for Summer Season 2021.

Step #2

3) In the subscription section of the summary panel on the right side of the screen, click Add. If you are on mobile, click, "Summary" to find this panel.

4) Choose the shares you want to add to your order. Select pickup schedule and click Add for each share you want to add to your order. You will see the "additional" shares added to the summary panel. Click Next .

Step #4

5) Select payment plan (this should be the same as the payment plan you used when you signed up), then click Next.

Step #5

6) Choose your payment method, then click Checkout. You will be prompted to enter payment info if your payment info is not stored already. Once you have completed the payment step - you are all set! You will receive a confirmation email confirming this change to your account.

Step #6


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