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Local Food Share: How it Works

As a shareholder in GoFarm’s Local Food Share, you are taking an active role in supporting your local food system, by purchasing a full season of food from local, small-scale farms.Your commitment and upfront payment is vital to the success of many of these farms, and to GoFarm. During the growing season, the farmers share their bounty of food with shareholders (That’s you!), as well as share the risk if any unexpected occurrence hurts their crop, most commonly from bad weather.

As a GoFarm shareholder, you are not only paying for a season of fresh, local food. You are:

  • making a difference in the livelihoods of your local farmers

  • voting with your dollar and creating demand for local food and sustainable growing practices

  • helping GoFarm improve the local food system as a whole.

Here’s how it all comes together!

1. The Farms 0:05

2. Buying 0:45

3. Receiving 1:13

4. Distribution 1:32

5. Consumption 2:04

6. Community Food Access 2:27

7. Waste 2:44


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