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Behind the Scenes at Grow Girl Organics

*Written By: Maggie Vander Pol*

The view at Grow Girl Organics farm is incredible. Not that you can really have a bad view this close to the Rockies, but the horses cantering next door, the birds chirping, and the goats peeking around the fence looking for pulled up weeds, just add to the beauty of this quaint spot.

Beautiful View at Grow Girl Organics Farm

Grow Girl Organics has been operating for two years now, on a few acres behind a church in Arvada, Colorado. The farm was started by two friends, Denise Ery and Elaine Silburn.

Denise grew up in Ohio and learned to garden when she was young, from time spent in the garden with her grandmother.  Some of her earliest memories are snapping beans in the garden with her, and it was there that she learned to love and care for the soil and crops- instilling in her a compassion for things that grow. Elaine, a Colorado native, grew up learning to appreciate and value nature, creativity and family. The more she learned about our planet's environmental landscape, the more she saw the need for stronger communities where food is produced locally and with the greater environment in mind. Her goal is to make this world a better place for her nine grandchildren.

When I ask Denise why she started the farm, she explains, “I just like growing stuff.” It's obvious that she has immense passion for organic food and the positive impact it has on all of our lives