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Flower of the Week: Rudbeckia

R. hirta ‘Denver’

Rudbeckia hirta, known commonly as Black Eyed Susan, is a biennial (lives for two growing seasons) North American native flower. Although it is an eastern prairie native, humans spread Rudbeckia west, across the continent. Although the sturdy, cheery flowers have medicinal uses, they are most widely enjoyed by humans as annual cut flowers. Their perennial (can live for three or more growing seasons) cousin, Rudbeckia fulgida is the most commonly found species in our landscape plantings. Rudbeckias - biennial and perennial - have been hybridized by humans resulting in blooms with the classic button “eye” but displaying all ranges of caramels, golden, rusty and peachy hued blooms with double petals and the classic “fuzzy” leaves. Rudbeckia flowers are bright and cheery and can be expected to last upwards of two weeks in a vase when properly cared for and make a great candidate for use in dried floral arrangements. Pollinators and birds benefit from Rudbeckia plantings too! Enjoy these cheery blooms in the vase and in your garden as easy to care for plants.

R. hirta "Cherokee Sunset" and R. hirta “Sahara”

Info and photos from Western Flora Co.


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