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Flower of the Week: Gomphrena

Photo and description from Wild Wick's Farm

Gomphrena is also known as Globe Amaranth due to its round blooms, with a similar look to clover. has a long history in North America, dating back to the 1700s, but is native to Central and South America. Not only is this flower long lasting in an arrangement, but it’s believed to have health benefits as well! Herbalists and practitioners believe gomphrena may treat hypertension; it has also been used to treat diabetes and coughs. And, it is great food for pollinators!

Gomphrena comes in a range of bright colors: purple, red, orange, white; and the flowers can be dried to be "everlasting". Grown annually here in Colorado, we have this beauty fresh until frost, and then we save a lot for dried bouquets/wreaths.


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