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Food Waste: Why There’s so Much and What to Do About It

We all love food, right? I love biting into a delicious Colorado peach in the summer, topping a pizza crust with a savory, homemade marinara sauce, or whipping up a stir-fry using only the tastiest veggies from my GoFarm share. But it’s startling that as much as we all love food, our society is so willing to throw it away.

Commercial Food Waste
Photo Credit: CBC News; Canada

40% of the food that’s grown, goes into landfill? 40 PERCENT! I hope you are as disturbed by this number as I am, as this also comes at a cost of $165 billion to the U.S. economy.

Food waste occurs all along the food chain, from production to consumption. And even though there are a lot more details that what I will explain in this blog post – here is an overview to help you understand how this is possible.

1. On the farm

Waste occurs when food is left on fields due to inefficiency in picking, or when it can’t be sold to grocery stores because it doesn’t look perfect enough.

Imperfect Food