Tomatoes, Carrots, and Peppers


Here's what our shareholders and donors say about us:

“It's great to get the suggestions for different ways to prepare all the vegetables from the newsletters, emails, and handouts at the pick up site."

~ Dodie O. (GoFarm Shareholder 2017, 2018, 2019)

"I love that GoFarm has a great variety of veggies from all these wonderful farms around Colorado. It helps keep me eating locally, as well as gives me different veggies to experiment with."

~ Emily P. (GoFarm Shareholder 2017, 2018, 2019)

"The food we are getting from the Market is a real life-saver, and so delicious! It's been a tremendous help to us in meeting our goals of providing our children with the best possible access to healthy produce. And we've gotten to try a few new things, which is exciting."

~ Heather M. (GoFarm Shareholder 2018, 2019)

"[2018] was my first summer. GoFarm saves me time at the grocery store and the best part is supporting local farmers who are doing it right - organically without pesticides, GMO, etc. LOVE that sooo much. Just what I was looking for"

~ Amy F. (GoFarm Shareholder 2018, 2019)

"GoFarm’s focus on sustainability is important to us. We return every year because pickup is convenient, they offer a variety of share options, and the peace of mind knowing the high quality produce is grown sustainably and pesticide-free."

~ Jay P. (GoFarm Shareholder 2017, 2018, 2019; Sustainability Committee Member)

"The Cyclist Lawyer is a proud corporate sponsor of GoFarm because we believe in saving our communities by feeding our bodies real, locally-grown, organic, in-season foods, while also helping farmers earn decent wages doing urban farming and supporting community members."

~ The Cyclist Lawyer (GoFarm Silver Donor 2019)

"I'm looking forward to trying the stuffed kohlrabi recipe you shared because through this program, I ate kohlrabi for the first time and really liked it. I used it raw in a salad and then roasted for dinner. Yum!"

~ Sherry W. (GoFarm Shareholder 2019)

"I just wanted to say I LOVE the Local Food Share program! It’s fun discovering new vegetables in the bag each week then trying your recipes. As the primary chef of a vegetarian family, I was in a rut of picking up the same vegetables for our weekly meals so this has been a fun challenge for me."

~ Shannon R. (GoFarm Shareholder 2020)

GoFarm works to transform our local food system into one that is thriving, environmental sustainable, and equitable for all. Through our three program areas, we support and mentor local farmers, make healthy food more affordable and accessible to under-resourced communities, and connect people with where their food comes from.

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