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Flower of the Week: Snapdragons

Info and photo from Wild Wick's Farm

Snapdragons, latin name "Antirrhinum", breaking it down "anti" meaning like and "rhino" meaning snout; hence this like snout is why we know them as Snapdragons. Opening their mouth if you lightly pinch their sides, or for a bee to wiggle into; these beauties are native to Western North America and the Mediterranean region. Ancient Greeks wore them around their necks for protection and in the medieval period, snapdragons were planted near the gates of European Castles as guardians. An array of colors and styles continue to be developed by flower breeders; classic colors being white and yellow, but come in orange, red, purple, and more. A hardier annual for us, snapdragons will be going until we have a hard frost. And let's hope that's late in October in Colorado!


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