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Help Us Raise $50,000!

This giving season we are raising money to help further our mission of increasing the supply of and access to fresh, local, affordable food! The money raised will help us:

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... build more containers to expand into new locations, serve more community members, and have a greater impact in Colorado.

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... research off-grid container designs that use sustainable energy sources.


... partner with local and beginning farmers, paying them a fair price, and allowing them to focus on the farming, while we do the rest.


... mentor beginning farmers through our farmer incubator program.

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... offer half price shares and provide incentives for WIC and SNAP customers.

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... operate affordable food markets at Head Starts preschools and senior living facilities.

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... educate on food storage, food safety, nutrition, recipes, sustainability and more.

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... be more sustainable by using compostable, organic, and non-plastic materials.

We're working especially hard to open new containers in more locations!

Watch Our Video!

Containers are essential to our operations!

  • provide safe and convenient storage for produce.

  • provide farmers a convenient drop off location.

  • provide YOU with a gathering space to pick up food.

Average annual container impact

  • connects 130 families to their food source.

  • puts $27,000 into the pockets of local farmers.

  • keeps over 160 different varieties of produce fresh.

Containers are produced with the utmost quality! They use strong insulation tested for food safety and are temperature controlled to keep food fresh. To operate the containers we need staff who are paid a fair wage, local artists to make them beautiful, and electricity to provide refrigeration and lighting.

We Need Your Help!

Make a donation to help fund new containers and support our programs!

Create a fundraising page and invite friends, family, and neighbors to donate to GoFarm on your behalf!

"A healthy local food system connects us back to our neighbors and community, gives us connection to our community, and supplies the best, freshest food one can get. Food that tastes good and is healthy."

~ Cale Sprister

Farmer, Sandy's Way MicroFarm

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