Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental Program

In need of a tool but don't want to purchase one yourself? Look no further! Our equipment rental program, which is in partnership with Jefferson Conservation District, is affordable and easy to use. Over time, we aim to increase the number of tools we have available for rent. If you need something we don't have, email us to let us know!


Fill out the form below to give us information about yourself and your farm, and pick a date range for renting the equipment. You must also agree to the Equipment Rental Terms below.


We will email you a confirmation of your equipment rental and will coordinate the pick-up/return process, as well as coordinate in-person, cash or credit card payment.


Pick up your equipment on the date you selected, and return when you are finished! The equipment will be picked up and returned at FloraBee Flowers Farm in Lakewood.

BCS Model 718 Roto Tiller

BCS Model 718 Roto Tiller

$25/day, $50/week  

Features two working speeds in both directions and a third transport speed in rear-mount "tiller" mode, giving the operator more options and power.

*renter must provide transportation and gas.

*BCS must be refueled before returning or a $20 refuel fee will be charged.

Single Row Seeder and Seed Roller

Single Row Seeder and Seed Roller

$15/day, $50/week

Includes five seed rollers:

  • 9610 Jang Seed Roller N-6 for beans, corn

  • 9672 Jang Seed Roller LJ-12 for larger beets, okra, chard

  • 9730 Jang Seed Roller X-24 for onions, carrots, radishes, kale

  • 9817 Jang Seed Roller F-24 for spinach

  • 9649 Jang Seed Roller XY-24 for raw lettuce with 120,000 seeds/lb

Truck Ramps

$10/day, $30/week

Truck Ramps- $10/day $30/week
Eliminates the risk of injury from lifting heavy objects. Single ramp surface for easier positioning.

  • Heavy duty, 14 gauge formed aluminum construction.

  • Ladder-rung tread prevents build-up of mud or slush.

  • Safety chains keep ramp secure while loading.

  • Folds compactly to just 14 inches wide



$10/day, $30/week

Five tines, 20" wide. Deeply
aerates while preserving soil structure and minimizing weed seed surfacing.

  1. Renter is responsible for cleaning equipment before and after use. A cleaning fee may be assessed if equipment is returned without being properly cleaned.

  2. Renter is responsible for picking up and returning equipment to GoFarm. Equipment cannot be picked up or returned on weekends. As a courtesy to others who also need to use the equipment, everything must be returned on or before established return date or renter will be charged a late fee of $10 for every day equipment is late.

  3. Renter is responsible for repairing, or paying for repairs of the equipment, if it breaks while in your procession.

  4. ​GoFarm will cover the cost of maintenance and normal wear of equipment over time, as well as making sure the equipment is clean and decontaminated before a new renter picks it up.

  5. GoFarm Incubator participants have priority should there be competing requests to reserve equipment on the same day.

If you have more questions about the Equipment Rental Program or want to talk with a GoFarm staff member directly, contact Katie, the Farmer Assistance Program Manager.

Katie Huszsca

Farmer Assistance Program Manager

Which Tool(s) Are You Renting?

Congrats! Your equipment rental form submission has been received. Once your request has been processed, we will email you with further directions.