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Ambassadors are community members who care about our work and want to help spread the word about GoFarm in their neighborhoods. Ambassadors are our eyes and ears in the community, and help us keep a pulse on what's happening in the area.

As an ambassador you'll help spread the word about GoFarm, but you can do that anyway you choose. We'll give you the tools necessary to engage with your neighborhood, and look to you for recommendations on how we can be more involved.


We'll send out regular ambassador updates and post about ambassador spotlights and shout-outs. You'll get the first look into our events, with the opportunity to get more involved with the inner workings of GoFarm. 

GoFarm works to transform our local food system into one that is thriving, environmental sustainable, and equitable for all. Through our three program areas, we support and mentor local farmers, make healthy food more affordable and accessible to under-resourced communities, and connect people with where their food comes from.

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